Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday Inspiration

Happy Sunday everyone! :)

So, who is freaking out that they have no clue what to write about yet for NaNoWriMo 2010? Its only a few short weeks away and you can't work out who your protagonist is, what they are trying to do or where they are trying to do it. Have you come to the conclusion that every one of your ideas is utter rubbish and there is no point in even starting, because everything is so rubbish? Well have no fear, because that rubbish idea is actually utter genius! Seriously, I promise you, all you have to do is add a little colour to that rubbish idea, paint the walls fuscia, buy some golden chairs and pretty soon you will have a tale so weird and wonderful that it will put Tim Burton to shame. 

You may be thinking that your idea has nowhere to go. You want to write about a highland cow, but you think that all they do is stand about in rainy fields all day looking bedraggled. What if that cow could talk though? What if that cow was an evil villain plotting to take over the world, what then? That cow is no longer just munching on grass in a field, now it is plotting with the other cows on how to break out of the farm that holds it hostage so it can put its dastardly plan into action. Suddenly you have a plot! 

So take that bad idea you had on the commute to work the other day and get your mental paint brushes out. You can start with anything, just use your imagination and run wild! Take this short story by John Scalzi (Creative Consultant on Stargate Universe) for example. His bad idea started with a yogurt (yes, a yogurt!) and ended up being a fantastically mighty tale about humanity.  

When The Yogurt Took Over - John Scalzi

So, the next time you start to panic that you have nothing to write about, just remember that your bad idea is actually an awesome idea in hiding. You just need to dust it off and give it a purpose. 

Everything that exists - from highland cows to yogurt pots - can, in your world of fantasy and imagination, have character, hopes, dreams and emotions and can survive for good or for evil. It is for this very reason that I leave you with this excellent piece of advice for the day...

Stay away from the yogurt, for it is evil and if given half the chance will take over the world and quite possibly eat your brains! 

*Beaming Up*


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