Sunday, 17 October 2010

Plotting...or Plants Vs Zombies???

Hey peeps! :)

I have stolen Terry's laptop to send you some Sunday NaNolove in the afternoon. We are all here in Starbies, writing away (where are you - why are you at home reading this when you should be here drinking lattes and playing Plants Vs Zombies *cough* Sorry, plotting your novels with us???).

Here, Terry wants to say Hi! :)

*passes keyboard to Terry*

umm.... Hi!  (echo; sound of breeze; tumbleweed passes by)
We've still got a few write-ins left before the Kick-Off on Saturday 30th October: Thursdays at 6pm at Spoon Bistro, and Sundays at 2pm at Starbucks.  We have a whole bunch of daft ideas for things to do in/at the end of November, but it's probably best to keep'em under wraps for now... :)

*Karen snatches keyboard back; she has a major case of withdrawal after her companion cube/ laptop was incinerated...*

Yes, tears...little Bettina Netbook is living on the mythical technology farm with all my past iPods and computers of yore (sobs quietly). But yay huzzah, on Tuesday I shall return with the overly pink new spandangly version of my former Netbook...the as yet unnamed companion cube v.2.0.

[This was a triumph. ~Terry]

[What me writing on a laptop...yes after a week I have nearly forgotton how to...wait what is this thing...CLINK CLUUUUUUNK THONK] :( ~ Karen

[I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.  Kind-of.  ~Terry]

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