Saturday, 13 November 2010

Applied Phlebotinum...?

Hi Folks,

I am just getting ready to head to Spoons for today's write in and thought I would send you all a little Saturday motivation for the afternoon. Now I know there are a few golden writers amongst you who are keeping up with your wordcount targets (well done to you all) and some who, like myself, are a little behind but still putting in the brain power to create your magical and mystical worlds. Well if any of you are having trouble sorting out that plotline that just veered off course to chase after that character you were about to kill of, have no fear for there is a smashing little website that will give your brains a rest and your plot a workout.

Check out the following link, a peppy little website full of brilliant ideas to help your plot along:

TV Tropes 

Well, I must skidaddle, so I'll see you and your phlebotinums at Spoons in an hour. Don't know what a phlebotinum is? Check it out at the TV Tropes link.

*Beaming Up*


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  1. TV Tropes?! Noooooo!!!

    ~ Terry